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Join Lee, Darren, Jim and Elton as they waffle, wonder and jabber on about film, geek news, video games and any other tangential bollocks that spring to mind, before strapping on their special critic hats and reviewing a movie from yesteryear. Will it be a Rose-Tinted Specs or a Shit-Covered Goggles? Place your bets, send in your feedback and strap in for a curmudgeonly ride!


The Black Dog Podcast 237 – What is a Metaphysical Bookshop Anyway?

Welcome to this weeks episode of the Black Dog Podcast.

In this weeks episode, we continue to plug Elton for job hints and learn he gets confused on motorways, Jim gets into women in prison films, Darren goes bonkers over Mad Max: Fury Road and Lee goes to half watch a Burlesque show, Mad Max and gets rather cross at spoilers (again)

Then after Fiendish Dr Will supplies us all with a frankly eye watering, Internet browser history bothering sh*tty superhero and Jim proclaims from the book of Profanasaur we move on to this weeks film.
The ultra cheesy 80s flick Warlock. Will Lee and Darrens rose tinted specs stay on? Will Jim get tired of validating all the folklore and will Elton need any roast potatoes? Listen and find out…

Next week we return with guest host Herc (and possibly A.N.Other to be confirmed) to talk about Bryan Singers first and last good film the excellent The Usual Suspects.

The Black Dog Podcast 235 – Who Hoses Down The Jude Law Sexbot

Welcome back to this weeks episode of The Black Dog Podcast.

In this weeks cast, Jim visits York the home of the Yorkie and where the typewriter was invented (HONEST), Elton cuts down trees but learns nothing from Minecraft regarding the reuse of the wood, Darren gets promoted and Lee gets sat on by a blind drunk man.

Then after a Quizzical Sh*tty Superhero and Jim harkens back to a Starcrash tinged Profanasaur entry before we embark on the dark fairy tale path of depression that is Steven Spielberg / Stanley Kubrick’s A.I.

Next week we go to much lighter fare with Richard E Grant and a dodgy Scots accent in B Movie guilty pleasure Warlock.

The Black Dog Podcast 235 – Glam Rock Julius Caesar

Welcome to this weeks episode of The Black Dog Podcast

This week in an altered show, we quickly realise that Eltons not a fan of Ghost In The Shell, Jim causes Lee to throw coffee everywhere and Darren gets obsessed with pirates.

Then after a 10 min spoiler zone about the latest Avengers movie “Age of Ultron” the guys move on to this weeks movie. The utter clagfest Starcrash. Followed by the most prolific and entertaining feedback in recent memory from everyone.

Next week we venture into darker territory with Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubricks version of Pinocchio. The utterly depressing A.I.

The Black Dog Podcast 234 – Call Me Owl

Black Dog 234 is joined by guest host Andy Poulastides and has seen things you people wouldn’t believe

Lee and Elton fighting over the Attack on Titan, its watched C-bombs be dropped at Terminator 5 trailer.

All those moments will waste your time. Like tears in the rain…

Next week we return to one of the cheesiest 70s SF knock off’s ever the frankly bloody awful Starcrash!

The Black Dog Podcast 233 – Kwack Kwack Satan

Welcome to this weeks episode of the Black Dog Podcast

This week we catch up with the guys including Darrens penchant for house invasion, Jim relaxing, Lee’s subconcious sexism and Elton having to deal with getting Darren out of his house!
Oh and Daredevil…

Then after a colourful Sh*tty Superhero and another fine entry in Jims profanasaurus we move on to Dune… Or at least we try to get on to that, we may have been distracted by Michael Bolton carrying a tray of Toblerone and whispering voice overs.

Did we mention Daredevil? You really should watch it….

Oh sorry, next week we return with a second review of Blade Runner: The Final Cut currently rereleased in the cinemas now.

The Black Dog Podcast 232 – The Thames Tit

Welcome to this weeks episode of The Black Dog Podcast.
This week, Jim rewatches Life On Mars while mainlining lemsip, Elton stands on another roof like Batman suffering an existential crisis about lifts, Darren falls for the charms of the Unbreakable Kimmi Schmidt and Lee recalls a painful testicle flick, invents the word Sconed and gets lavatorial.

Then after a superhero from Mexican Homebases lighting department and a female batman inspired luchador and another entry from Jims mighty profanasaurus we move on to this weeks film…
The colossal cinematic car crash Hudson Hawk, would we like to swing on a star or from a lamp post Joseph Stalin style? Listen in and find out….

Next we take a break until April 14th when we return to review the bemusing David Lynch SF “epic” adaptation of Frank Herberts Dune.

The Black Dog Podcast 231 – Dog with the Big Blue Dong

In this weeks episode Elton gets excited about Titans, Jim laments doctors appointments but celebrates young geek Batman appreciation, Darren continues his Harmontown love and  Lee, watches “Home”, agrees to a challenge the other guys aren’t exactly happy with and sticks Weetabix in the fridge.

Then after the usual sh*tty superhero profanasaurus combo its off to alternative reality earth to review the adaptation of  Alan Moore’s Watchmen


Next week we return to review Hubris the movie aka Hudson Hawk

The Black Dog Podcast 230 – Tea?

Welcome to this weeks episode of the Black Dog podcast.
In this weeks episode we discuss roast dinners, total eclipses, Chappie and how shit Die Antwood are at acting and everyone tries to work out what exactly Lee is working on. We also have an update about how much we earned for charity with our Electric Boogaloo non swear-a-thon and the results of Lee’s donut comedown…

Then after a Gnarly Sh*tty superhero and a weather loving profanasaurus from Jim we move on to this weeks movie, the colossal misfire that is Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman and Sean Connery 1998 film The Avengers

Next week we return to the world of Superheros with Zack Snyders adaptation of Alan Moores seminal graphic novel Watchmen

The Black Dog Podcast 229A – Turbo Sex Doll Dance Off

Welcome to this special episode of the Black Dog Podcast for Comic Relief

In this episode Lee, Darren, Jim, Elton and adjudicator Laura Fox, get on down with their bad selves to body pop and lock to the heat of the beat on the street and tweet with the sheet on the beat without swearing… Will they do it? Listen to this special unedited commentary of Breakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo quite possibly one of the worst films in existence!

If you would like to donate some money to Comic Relief via the casts Just Giving page head on over to


The Black Dog Podcast 229 – Space Cheese

Welcome to this weeks episode of The Black Dog Podcast simply titled Space Cheese!

This week we are joined by Peter and Anne Marie Organ of the lovely bOrg Cast to discuss Star Trek 6 The Undiscovered Country. But not before hearing Lee’s descent in to sugar rush hell requiring Darren taking control of the helm, hearing Jim’s punishing podcast schedule, Peter taking his life in his hands by sawing up trees before attending the cast, Anne-Marie’s love of beer and bemusement at Romulan ale goblets and Eltons utter bemusement at all things Star Trek.

And don’t forget that we will be recording a special Comic Relief podcast on March 13th as we try not to swear over Breakin2: Electric Boogaloo and if you want to donate to that go to but do not send in feedback for this!

Next week we move away from outer space completely to review possibly one of the worst films of all time but one only Lee and Darren have apparently seen… Uma Thurman, Ralph Finnes and Sean Connery all pick up the conservatory catalogue to star in The Avengers (no not the one with the bloke with the hammer)