Catch The Whiff!

Join Lee, Darren, Jim and Elton as they waffle, wonder and jabber on about film, geek news, video games and any other tangential bollocks that spring to mind, before strapping on their special critic hats and reviewing a movie from yesteryear. Will it be a Rose-Tinted Specs or a Shit-Covered Goggles? Place your bets, send in your feedback and strap in for a curmudgeonly ride!


The Black Dog Podcast 247 – Shoulda Gone To Specsavers

Lee, Darren and Jim (no Elton he’s off in a forest pretending to be a zebra) return to discuss horrible neighbours, Henry Cavill needing to play Sterling Archer and giving someone existential angst for their birthday.

Then we get a group Shitty superhero experience as Fiendish Dr Will MP3s over a real bell end. Jim delivers another fine Profanasaurus and we get on chewing bubblegum and… Oh you know the rest… As we review John Carpenters They Live

Next week we return to discuss a frankly terrible film, Stephen Kings Dreamcatcher

The Black Dog Podcast 246a: Beef Anguish

This week we are joined by Mr Danny Graydon as we discuss, 2000AD documentaries, birthdays, bum abusing massage seats, cosplay, conventions and alleged digital bikini line manipulation.
Then after a vibrant sh*tty superhero and another fine entry from Jims profanasaurus its off up the river to discuss Apocalypse Now, while the feedback moved to a second part 246b

When we return (August 25th) we come back to less lofty entertainment but no less subversive  with John Carpenters They Live

The Black Dog Podcast 245 – Does He Wipe His Bum With That Hand?

Lee, Darren and Jim are joined by not one, but two, guest hosts this week in the shape of Herc and Andy Poulastides.

In this episode, Herc watches comedy, Jim glares a blu ray player back into life, Andy threatens to take a corporation off at the knees, Darren gets all zen about taking a poo outdoors and Lee drinks a moth and gets trapped in a train toilet for 10 miles.

Then after a bumbling Sh*tty superhero and another profanasaurus entry from Jim we head off to the futuristic world of 1975 to see exactly what on earth we will be doing in the year 2000. Which apparently is death racing in cars formerly owned by members of the Banana Splits, in this weeks film Death Race 2000.

Next week however, we stay in the 70s but for a far more grim affair, as we go into ‘Nam to smell the napalm in Francis Ford Copollas Apocalypse Now.

The Black Dog Podcast 244 – Choke Me With A Dead Cat

Welcome back to this weeks episode of The Black Dog Podcast

This week Jim and Darren go steam punk in Birmingham with mixed results, Jim gets Cujo on bikers in the park, Elton tries to plug a few things and Lee gets his arse kicked by D-Box seating at a screening of Ant-Man… Somewhere along the line Sting and Band Aid get involved…

Then after a spec savers voucher loving Sh*tty superhero and a tech support profanasaurus entry from Jim we move on to this weeks movie Spike Jonez’s Her and much discussion ensues.

Next week however may be a very different cast as we leap back in time to the 1970s vision of Top Gear / Wacky Races dystopia with the David Carridine movie Death Race 2000

The Black Dog Podcast 242A – Top Gear Shark Edition

Welcome to the first of this weeks episodes of the Black Dog Podcast.

In the first part (The feedback warranted a podcast all of its own and that will be recorded on Thursday 2nd July)  we discuss our week from Jim’s blood poisoning, to Darren getting grumpy at Pride, while Elton threw bottles of piss at Kanye West from the comfort of his own home.

Then the Sh*tty superheroes gets a revamp with the addition of the book “The League of Regrettable Heroes” by Jon Morris

Then after a bad hat profanasaurus from Jim its on to the mighty nostalgia fest of the original blockbuster.

Steven Spielbergs Jaws
Next week we will return to the water to review the massive curly turd in the washbow which is Jaws The Revenge, but do look out for a separate feedback episode this week (Episode 242 B)